Crowdfunding campaign is over

The campaign is over!

122.059€!!! 1.851 backers!!! Thank you so much! Amazing how 45 days have
passed so fast! We want to thank each and every Free Faller who supported our campaign!



What’s next?

The campaign is over – What’s next? You helped us reaching the first step and
of course we will take it. Script development is about to start!

In the meantime we will use the time and continue to raise funds for the film.
Since we have exceeded 100.000€ the campaigns page on Indiegogo will stay
online and enter a status called InDemand. Because of this, you will still have
the opportunity to contribute and claim benefits. We will add some changes
to the page and post updates on a regular basis. So it’s worth to check it every
once in a while.

Again, thank you for your support and for beeing the wonderful crowd you are!

Embraces to all of you!


@ kurhaus production 2024